Monday, March 2, 2015

one warp ~ many looks

FINALLY FINISHED! This painted warp project has been quite the journey of discovery.
Working with so many different threads, and incorporating sari ribbon made the weaving fun.  My first piece off the loom was left to decide how I would end up using it which I'll show you later. It was a bit too thick for my liking, so I ended up pulling half the warp off the loom and saved for the other projects.    

After changing the ends per inch I liked the drape much better - very pleased with the final wrap.

Oh, the mobius!  This was one of the saved warps from the first take off episode~

My next project incorporated some design work with my 4 harness loom.

And remember that first piece before changing the warp - that thick fabric made three wonderful news boy caps!

Now on to more discoveries - hum... think I'll learn to spin some thick and thin art yarn....

Monday, February 9, 2015

spinning, dyeing, and weaving oh my!

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time~ Thomas A. Edison

Hand painted Shawl
19.5" x 76"
I have always wanted to try my hand at dying my warp for a project.  After doing a bit of research, I came across an Arizona artist; Melissa McCollum, who inspired me to get started. She gave a great tutorial explaining her process.  (links below) 

I have researched several ways to dye cotton, and this is what has been the best method for me. 
This is for small batches:
Soak the cotton yarn in a simmering pot of water with a tablespoon of Dawn detergent for about 15 minutes. Rinse and towel dry. PUT ON RUBBER GLOVES!
To each container cup I add:
1 t. Procion dye
2 T Salt
1 t. Soda Ash (sodium carbonate)
Paste down with a bit of hot water, then bring water to 100mls.
Place the towel-dried yarn on cellophane wrap
Then with little plastic syringes, I squirt the color onto the cotton yarn. Squish in to help with coverage.  

Wrap the yarn in cellophane, and let sit for 6-12 hours.
Rinse the dyed yarn in tap water until water runs clear, simmer as in step #1 with Dawn or 15 minutes to set the dye.

These are the beautiful warp chains.

This is how the threads look once threaded in the reed.  I originally threaded two threads to a slot using 12 dpi reed and 8/2 cotton yarn.   This was OK, but made the cloth much to thick for my liking.  I was VERY hesitant to start over, but after completing 2 yards, of this 6 yd warp, I knew I would regret wasting my time and product - so decided to carefully remove the warp and re thread.  Whew! what a project, but I managed to pull it off. I removed half the warp, and braided the sections for future use - I won't have the precious cross to keep threads controlled, but the bundles are manageable still. I spread out the warp to 1 thread per dent, and was so happy with final drape of the cloth.  

 Recycled Sari Silk ribbon, among many other bits and pieces were incorporated to create texture and visual appeal.
Over all I have to say this was definitely not a boring project to work on with all that color change going on, but I have to say I think I'm ready for my next commission of something natural with a little green - hum...

helpful links~

Thanks for stopping by - happy creating!

Monday, November 17, 2014

don't go pissing off God~

I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it. 
Alice Walker 

Well... I'm not sure that would piss off God, but I for one stop every time and take notice, because I love... Love... LOVE  the color, and if you take a look through my art gallery, you will see a common thread throughout my work, and that is my love of the color purple.

Mobius Scarf in shades of Purple

Lavender meandering to...

Dark purple...

Yep I love PURPLE!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

what does this fiber want to be?

I subscribe to a monthly fiber club, and this month I received this absolutely gorgeous, colorful hand painted roving dyed in rich and vibrant winter hues of Violet, Prussion Blue, Sap Green to Raw Sienna Gold - Yes my recollection of the vibrant watercolors in my paint box. 

  With only 2oz of roving, I knew this was not going to go very far, but I figured I would incorporate it into a project in one way or another. In SAORI style of letting the cloth tell you what it wants to be I used the same philosophy with this fiber 

The striping transitioned beautifully~

Spreading this colorway out a little here and a bit there.  I managed to spread it all the way through my project. 

It wasn't until I viewed this picture that I realized that the clasped weft designs in the scarf , and the funky finger fringes made a great design element.  I love those unexpected surprises;-)

Baby Alpaca hand spun
Yak / Merino hand spun 
MFD blends

Happy Creating~

Thursday, October 16, 2014

hiking in style~

I love it when a new baby arrives, and I get the chance to make baby things!  Our newest little niece is going to be wrapped in a SAORI-styled blanket - no frills, but woven in love with patterns of inlayed blocks, a few rag strips for extra pinkness, and golden strands of sunshine.  

This little girl will be all style'n in her little mountain boots with pink braided laces.

Welcome sweet Emma our newest little miracle~